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Unfit for Society Recs

Inside a dog it's too dark to read.

unfit for society
21 March 1970
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Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

victoria p.'s [musesfool] fanfic recommendations, in many, many fandoms, and quite a few pairings.

While I appreciate the heads up when a link is broken, it is highly unlikely that I will actually bother to fix the link in any given post. Google is your friend, as is the Wayback Machine.

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aaron hotchner, achilles/patroclus, alec hardison, alec mcdowell, alexander/hephaistion, angel, anya, aragorn, aragorn/boromir, aragorn/eowyn, arthur/molly, battlestar galactica, boromir, buffy, captain jack sparrow, charles gunn, cj cregg, coach/mrs. coach, cordelia chase, criminal minds, crowley/aziraphale, dan rydell, dan/dana, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/faith, derek morgan, derek reese, dick grayson, dick/jason, dream/death, emily prentiss, eomer, eomer/eowyn, eowyn, eric taylor, faith, faith/cordelia, faith/dean, faith/wesley, faramir, faramir/eowyn, firefly, friday night lights, giles, giles/ethan, giles/jenny, gilmore girls, gimli, girl!sam, good omens, gus/shawn, han/leia, harry potter, harry/neville, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, hermione granger, hlots, jason todd, jo/laurie, josh/donna, josh/donna/sam, josh/sam, kara thrace, legolas, legolas/aragorn, legolas/aragorn/eowyn, legolas/eowyn, legolas/gimli, leo mcgarry, leverage, logan, logan/rogue, lord of the rings, lost, lucifer, lucifer/elaine, lucifer/mazikeen, lucifer/michael, luke/lorelai, luna lovegood, mal/kaylee, mal/river, mal/river/kaylee, mal/serenity, mal/zoe, malcolm reynolds, max/alec, minerva mcgonagall, morgan/garcia, narnia, neville/luna, obi-wan kenobi, original cindy, parker, penelope garcia, pirates of the caribbean, psych, remus lupin, remus/bill, remus/giles, remus/hermione, remus/sirius, rogue, ron weasley, ron/hermione, roslin/adama, rupert giles, sam seaborn, sam winchester, sam/dean, sandman, sarah connor, simon/river, sirius black, sirius/remus, sports night, supernatural, tami taylor, tara maclay, terry mcginnis, the wire, toby ziegler, tyra collette, wash/zoe, weasleys, wes/faith, wes/gunn, wes/lilah, wesley wyndham-price, west wing, white collar, will bailey, willow rosenberg, willow/oz, willow/tara, winchesters, xander, xander/anya, xander/cordelia, xander/faith, xander/oz, xander/oz/willow, xander/willow