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maybe get a blister on your thumb

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
At the Cross Roads, Well Met by redrikki
Xander, in Africa, engages an very... interesting guide. Warm and funny, with hints of danger lurking underneath.

Break my fall by liminalliz
Chilling, heartbreaking Illyria/Wesley. Once upon a time, a fallen god-king and her knight went into battle, side by side, smiting their enemies because that was the right thing to do. And his laughter matched her own.

Changed by spuffyduds
Joyce, when Dawn arrives. Drabble that packs a mean wallop. Shivery good.

Falling Leaves by kangeiko
Illyria at the end of the world. Short, sharp, shivery.

Five Things Xander Harris Didn't Realize He'd Miss About Sunnydale by julia_here
Xander swore that the next time he had a good hammer, it was coming with him to the Apocalypse, no matter how silly it looked. Oh, Xander. Lovely.

The Post-Finals Tradition by mireille719
Oz is Connor's roommate at Stanford. It's cool, and possibly a little too normal, until it's not. Warm, wonderful story with a solid Connor voice and an excellent Oz characterization.

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