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love's strange so real in the dark

Lighting the Lamps by solvent90
This story nails Tenar - her steady pride, her fierce joy - and Ged is so very Ged here, and the ending made me sniffly. Short and sharp and beautiful.

The Veins of the Forest by Ellen Fremedon
This reads like it totally could have come right out of canon. The details are beautiful and well-chosen, the prose is light and lyrical, and the whole story is evocative of love, loss and potential. The story of Azver, the Karg who becomes the Master Patterner.


Escape to Freedom by sadisticferret
Marvelous look at Aravis through Hwin's eyes. Lovely.

Lives by Breaking by Lady Sarai
Beautiful and sad, full of yearning. The Pevensies, in Narnia and in England.

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