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Buffy + VMars, Constantine, Batman, Ocean's 11, West Wing, Rome


Trespassing by azurine
Dick seeks comfort from Bruce after a nightmare. I thought this was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read, even though there’s nothing overtly *wrong* happening, it feels like it could slip over the edge into bad wrongness of the bad kind at any moment.



Some Trot About by glossing
Funny, sweet, sad and hot. Devon and Oz hear about Sunnydale, and perform their mourning ritual.


Veronica Mars/BtVS

Three Hours to Sunrise by hjdevnull
Well done VMars/BtVS crossover - Veronica is snatched by vamps and Wallace helps a stranger named Faith get her back.


Constantine (movie)
A Distant Mirror by Maygra
Constantine seeks out Gabriel, both of them caught between heaven and hell. Hot and sad, with the sharp ring of truth.


Good Omens

A Local Habitation by irisbleu and linnpuzzle
The history of Crowley and Aziraphale, by way of St. James Park. Funny, sweet, understated and touching. The art is gorgeous.


Ocean's 11

Walk Like a Camel by kiki_miserychic
Gently, wryly absurd story of Rusty's quest for funnel cake and the unexpected places it lands him and Danny. Some minor grammatical nits but the voices are so perfect and the story's so funny they're not worth worrying about.



Veritas by Miss Pamela
Lovely, in-character conversation between Pullo and Vorenus about love and loyalty.


West Wing

Loophole by Speranza
Eeee! Speranza's writing Josh/Donna! Loopy, early seasons, Josh goes down on Donna for no discernible reason fic that explores the weird nearly non-existent boundaries of their relationship. Funny and hot and sweet.

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