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there's a heaven above you


The Greatest of These by wanttobeatree
He can't quite remember now how he managed, or what he even saw, when he couldn't decipher a person's face.

That Sam, that soulless Sam, feels so far away now. He isn't entirely certain that the real Sam feels any closer.

"Be sure to tell us when you've got the whole spectrum of emotion," Dean says. He's only half joking.

"I will," Sam says, not joking at all.
Aw, boys. Sam gets his soul back. It just takes him a little while to adjust is all.

Live for small horizons by [personal profile] dotfic
Dean takes some measures, just in case they can't get Sam's soul back. *sniffle*

Old Magic by delanach
Lovely AU in which Dean takes a different road to getting Sam out of hell.

Seven Warning Signs Your Brother is Having a Midlife Crisis by debbiel66
Dean is acting weird(er) and Sam is concerned enough to read ladies magazines for answers. Absolutely adorable futurefic. "You want me to drive your car?" Absurd as it might be, Sam almost hoped the car wasn't listening. Going way back to Gabriel's games, Sam remembered what it felt like to be the Impala…and damn, that car loved Dean.

"No, I don't want you to drive my car, but I think you're right. You shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a Harley. It would be fucking scary. Think about what would happen to your hair."

Sam glared. Dean knew perfectly well all he had to do was tell Sam he couldn't do something, and no matter what it was, Sam would end up begging for the thing by the time they were through. He couldn't let himself fall for it. He was thirty-eight years old, damnit, not ten.

Hating himself for his lack of self-control, Sam said, "Fuck you. I could ride a Harley."

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